Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Summer!

It's definitely summer here! We've been busy ever since school finished.

We had a great weekend in Rockport at Camp Aranzazu as soon as school ended. Our amazing hosts and friends Tammie and Tracy Shelton brought us fishing, taught us the high ropes, and showed us baby foxes. We did a few other things that weekend as well and had a memorable time!
Here is Tanner climbing the rock wall at the camp.
The day after we arrived home, Tanner began swimming lessons. He loves the pool and enjoyed being able to swim every day for two weeks!

Tanner also had his last baseball game along with the closing ceremonies and of course, a trophy!

Last week Tanner went to "Beyond the Moon" camp at the George Bush Library. He loved it! Rockets are a big interest right now, so it was a perfect thing for him to do. His favorite thing was to stand on a floor that vibrates & shakes as you watch videos of the space shuttle taking off - the first day he went on it 8 times! Eventually he had to be encouraged (AKA, forced to leave) to join the rest of the class & see some other things!

This week we have Sports Camp at our church every evening, Tanner is excited that he will be playing soccer. We're not looking forward to the heat though (high 90's)!

Health wise, things aren't as good as we wish they were. I started this post last Wednesday, and stopped because we had to bring Tanner to the ER due to another migraine. He's continued having them almost weekly and the pain seems to be worsening. Normally, the meds at the ER stop the vomiting and also take care of the headache. This time, it stopped the vomiting & helped him fall asleep, but, he still had the headache the following day. We're hoping and praying the medication that was increased a few weeks ago is still needing some time to kick in!

So, that's the latest news here! Tanner is waiting for a tennis partner, so, I'd better get going!