Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anniversaries and Activities

On March 26 we celebrated Jian’s 6 month adoption anniversary.  We had fun eating Chinese food (his request) and talking about what happened 6 months before.  We laughed looking at pictures and Jian’s description of his feelings (nervous because he couldn’t understand us, excited about his future).  We talked about all the changes we’ve seen in the last 6 months (his physical growth, more mature, language (ASL and English)), and are so proud and amazed at all of the things he’s learned in this short time.  He wants to learn, he wants to be good, he wants to please.  We’re truly so blessed with an amazing son (well, two amazing sons :)).  Some days are tiring, hard, frustrating and difficult, but, knowing only a few of the things he’s experienced and habits that have been developed, cultural differences, and basically raising himself for 14 years, help us to get through those rough days and remind us that 6 months truly is such a short time to make so many changes!  jian 6 month adoption celebration

We’ve had a busy spring so far, so, here are a few pictures and details of what we’ve been up to lately.

Tanner’s Challenger baseball season started a couple of weeks ago.  They were able to go on A&M’s Olson Field joining in the Little League Opening Ceremonies.   opening ceremonies

One of his favorite activities is sliding into home plate! sliding into home plate

We recently went to Isaiah’s Place for a deaf retreat.  It was Jian’s first time there and he loved the open space, the animals, his first horse ride, and we loved seeing him around many deaf people (children, adults, families) that helped him see that deaf people really can do anything!  Tanner loved showing Jian around,  and playing with old and new friends. 

Jian and a baby chickTanner at IP 

Jian started tennis at school and played in his first tennis tournament yesterday.  He won his first game and lost the 2nd.  God has truly gifted him athetlically!  He did great (though he was disappointed that he lost) especially since he has never played tennis before coming to America! Here are a few pictures from the tournament.

jian serving first tennis tournament

A couple of weeks ago we went to our first A&M baseball game with some friends and our kids were able to run out on the field with the players!  Here they are joining in the Aggie War Hymn before the game started.

aggie war hymn

We’re also anxiously awaiting for our baby ducklings to hatch (Jian was concerned we were taking them away from their parents, but, we explained that after hatching at the pond, the ducklings often die, and he was happy that the would raise them and then will release them at the lake). 

pre-hatched ducklings

Last week I brought Jian with me to a meeting with our local animal assisted therapy organization.  There were a couple of juvenile detention officers speaking about helping the children there with animals.  Jian asked a lot of questions, and upon leaving he told me “When I grow up, maybe I’ll work there, they would be surprised to find out that before I didn’t have a mom and dad, and I could help the children.”  This brought tears to my eyes!

Tanner is doing well lately.  The headache specialist at the Cleveland Clinic has added in a new medication and it seems to be making a difference on his daily chronic headaches.  He’s been perkier and has more energy than he’s had in quite a while.  We’re so thankful for the wisdom of the doctor and for medications that are helping at this time.

We’re looking forward to celebrating Easter this week. What a blessing  to be able to teach Jian about the reasons we celebrate.  What an honor and privilege to teach Jian about the death of Jesus on a cross, His resurrection 3 days later, and that it was done for each and every one of us so that we could live eternally with Him!  He is risen, He is risen Indeed!