Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye July

Well, I thought I'd try to get in one more update before the end of the month since I'm lagging in my summer posting, so, here it is!

Thank you for all your prayers while we were at TSD (Texas School for the Deaf) in Austin a couple of weeks ago, Tanner did GREAT! Thanks to everyone who cared for him - it was so helpful. He did not have any migraines, praise the Lord! It was even another week after we were home before he had one (which was 2.5 weeks since the previous one - yeah)!

We had a fun time at La Torretta in Conroe and enjoyed a relaxing weekend as a family. Tanner wasn't too thrilled back at home with only mom again, but, he's excited that Grandma Lenger is coming to visit next week (actually, we all are excited), so hopefully we'll have some fun things to share in the next post.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick update

Wow, I'm definitely not a good blogger in the summer! We are enjoying our summer and are looking forward to next week. Tanner will be staying with some friends and attending police camp at the children's museum, while Jon and I attend a communication skills workshop at Texas School for the Deaf in Austin (all in ASL). When the workshop is finished, we're all excited to spend the weekend at a hotel while Jon attends a conference for work.

Tanner's migraines have not improved. Since the last post Tanner has had 2 or 3 migraines and is trying to avoid one as I'm writing this. We've increased one of the medications and changed the time we give it to him and are praying that will start working soon.

I think that Jon and I have both been down lately because of this. Wondering about the future, trying not to worry. We are trying to focus on a Father who knows the answers and holds us all tightly in His arms, but, are still sad about the pain and suffering Tanner is going through.

We would appreciate your prayers for his headaches, and specifically, that he would not have any next week while we are in Austin. Thank you for your love for our family.