Friday, June 20, 2008


It's been a busy few weeks since school has ended! We visited Jon's sister and brother-in-law Aunicia and Steele in San Antonio (the picture is feeding the lorikeets at the SA zoo), then they came to visit us for a few days. Jon's cousin Jennie has been living with us (from Amarillo) for the summer and Tanner is loving having her here (as are we). Tanner had swimming lessons for two weeks, 3 different physical/occupational therapy sessions weekly, and a sports camp at church every evening for one week. Now, we're getting ready to leave early tomorrow morning to spend a week with my family up at Glen Lake, Michigan. We are all three excited about a week of cool weather, relaxing time with family and a week away!

About two days after the picture of Tanner with the baby chicken, we sadly watched the chicken pass away. It was clearly sick as couldn't stand anymore and became worse and worse as the day progressed. Tanner was so terribly sad, and it was heartbreaking to see him so upset. Jon had to explain that the chicken wouldn't rise again (like Jesus) and told him the chick went to heaven (I know, not necessarily theologically sound but, it made us all feel better :)). The following day we buried the baby chick and put up a cross and had a memorial service (a common occurrence for me when I was young with the many animals/insects I would try unsuccessfully to save).

Two days later we were in church and Tanner saw the sign heaven. He then looked at us and said the chicken died, went to heaven, woke up, stood up and was not sick!! This brought tears to my eyes at his amazing comprehension of heaven! What a joy to see him experience the sadness of death, yet the completeness of what heaven will be! It's a reassuring, heartwrenching, joyful feeling realizing what Tanner knows of heaven.

We'll try to update soon after we return from Michigan.


Michele said...

may god be with your whole family. This story brings tears to my eyes but joy to my heart as well that he can understand something that many adults have not yet to begin to know or understand. you all are in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Shelly,
I just wanted to know that I'm thinking of you and your whole family. I still remember one of our first dog shows when Tanner and Schofield just rolled around on the ground loving each other.
Be strong and have faith. We're all praying for you.
Cathy Wilson and Schofield