Monday, January 12, 2009

Ode to Ody

Today we lost our sweet Ody. We adopted Ody from South Central Bloodhound Rescue in September, 2000. Ody was found wandering south of Dallas and he had been hit by a car. He had some hip surgery and had been abused. He was always scared of men, but, still wanted love and petting from everyone. He's not had an easy life, but, he's always loved us unconditionally! He loved to be at home and one of his favorite things was to lay in the sun. He also loved to swim and play tug-of-war. He and Hattie would play for a few minutes every day together (until the last few days) followed by long naps.

We are all so sad, but are happy that he's no longer hurting and is running and playing happily in heaven. It finally hit Tanner once we started burying Ody, he came inside and sobbed.

Who could've asked for a better friend? He didn't care what was going on as long as he would get some love! We love you and will miss you terribly Ody!


Rodriguez_Family said...

Bye Ody. You're the only dog I ever let sleep with me. Love, Cheyenne

Rodriguez_Family said...

Bye Ody. I'll miss you. It was always fun to play with you when I came to your house, but I am glad you're not suffering anymore. Love, Trey

Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys, I am so sad. Even though he is not hurting anymore, it is still sad to see him go. I hope you guys are doing ok. I am glad that he was loved.