Friday, March 27, 2009


We had a fabulous spring break on the island of Bonaire. What an amazing and memorable week. Along with us on the trip were, Kyle and Audra, Kyle's parents Bill and Janet, and our friends and dive experts, Tammie and Tracy.

We stayed at a beautiful resort that Tanner had figured out in no time. He knew where everything was and walked around like he owned the place. He made friends with everyone there, including all the animals! He liked waving and signing hello to all the iguanas, hermit crabs, birds, crab and fish. He enjoyed knowing where to go, who was staying where, and leading us all around.

We saw amazing and beautiful things while scuba diving and Tanner had a great time with Bill and Janet while we were diving every morning. Tanner absolutely loved snorkeling and seeing all the beautiful fish and coral.

Tanner behaved so well all week. We couldn't have asked for him to be any better! We were so thankful that he didn't have any migraines (he had one the night before we left which reassured us that he probably wouldn't have one while we were gone).

One of Tanner's favorite activities was watching the cruise ships come and go every day. He never tired of watching them and loved explaining how the ropes came out, hooked up to shore and how they pulled the ropes in again to leave every evening.

The Walsh's and Tanner visited a group of people with disabilities one day. There were many crafts that they made, and Tanner was convinced he needed a painting of "the sunset, the ocean and the sand." There's a picture below of him with the lady that painted the picture. He is so proud of it, he carried it with him everywhere!

Well, I could go on and on, but, the pictures say it better! Here are a just a few!

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