Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthdays and Baseball

I realized recently that Tanner has now celebrated more birthdays with us than without us! It feels like a milestone, it's so great to have had 4 years of celebrating Tanner.

What a lot of change we have seen in the last 4 years! He's learned to communicate, his personality really shines as we see his sensitivity, generosity, and humor. He's become a fun and thoughtful little boy who has grown significantly, both physically (it seems as though he's getting taller everyday) and developmentally. We love spending time with him, learning more about him, teaching him and loving him!

Tanner has been having fun playing challenger baseball this spring - some pictures are below from the season so far. He does really well hitting the ball, but is not quite as attentive on the field. He loves playing and we're so thankful he had this opportunity.

Tanner's migraines have started up again and have been occurring weekly for the past month. The medications haven't been working to stop the vomiting and he feels pretty bad. Fortunately, it usually only lasts for an evening and he feels better in the morning. He's mostly pretty cheerful despite his misery, he'll smile and sign I love you, even while vomiting, what a trooper! The doctor has recently increased one of his medications, so, we're hoping that starts working soon (it hasn't started yet, as he had another migraine tonight :( ). We would appreciate your prayers that this medication increase would start working soon, it's so hard to watch him suffer.

We're looking forward to going to Camp Aranzazu in Rockport this weekend to help them prepare for summer campers and visit with friends. It will be a nice celebration to the end of the school year!

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