Thursday, September 17, 2009

This and That

So, I don't have a lot of new things to say, so, I figured I'd update on several miscellaneous things!

Tanner is really enjoying school. He's doing well in 3rd grade and learning a lot. He's in deaf education for reading and language, and is mainstreamed with an interpreter for the rest of his classes. He loves school, we're so thankful for that!

One day, in social studies, the children were writing what their parents jobs were, and Tanner wrote down that his Dad is an office worker and his Mom is a typist. We cracked up when we heard this! Yesterday he came home and admitted that he hit a student, and explained the boy laughed at his underwear. So, while trying not to laugh myself, we discussed next time, he should try to ignore the boy.

A couple of weeks ago we saw the pediatric neurologist, who was not very happy with how Tanner's migraines have been progressing. So, we've changed medications again. This is our last option for what's approved for children and has some side effects that we need to keep an eye on through regular bloodwork, but, so far, it seems to be working. We're weaning him off of 2 other medicines, so, we're happy to have him down to 2 instead of 4! We're also hoping and praying that this will work for a while, most of the medications seem to work for a couple of months and then lose their efficacy, we hope that doesn't happen this time. It's also been about 2 weeks since his last migraine, we're so thankful for that!

I'm not sure I've previously shared this before but, thought it was special and decided to write about it. One evening this summer, after we had been to the emergency room with Tanner I fell asleep, but, slept restlessly. I woke up in the middle of the night singing the chorus of a song from the Gaither Trio. I hadn't heard this song in many, many years - and yet, what a blessing and special comfort for God to give me this song. I sang the chorus for days, feeling such a comfort and reassurance - and thank the Lord for this amazing gift. Here's the song:

"Because He Lives" by Bill Gaither

God Sent His Son, They Called Him Jesus; He Came To Love, Heal And Forgive.
He Lived And Died To Buy My Pardon; An Empty Grave Is There To Prove My Savior Lives.

Because He Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow
Because He Lives, All Fear Is Gone
Because I Know He Holds The Future
And Life Is Worth The Living, Just Because He Lives

How Sweet To Hold A Newborn Baby, And Feel The Pride And Joy He Gives;
But Greater Still The Calm Assurance: This Child Can Face Uncertain Day Because He Lives.

And Then One Day I'll Cross The River; I'll Fight Life's Final War With Pain.
And Then, As Death Gives Way To Vict'ry, I'll See The Lights Of Glory And I'll Know He Reigns.

Labor Day weekend we took a trip to visit Jon's sister and brother-in-law, Nece & Steele at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. Tanner loved all of the airplanes, and we enjoyed some relaxing time with family as well as the cool weather! Here are a few pictures from the trip as well as a couple of pictures from a fun day hiking and at a park this past Sunday.

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