Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Fun Fall

So, we've been enjoying the nice cool weather and showing Jian the fun fall activities we do here.  He's enjoyed everything so far, his first rodeo, carving pumpkins, attending the Grace Bible Church Country Fair, dressing up for Halloween, going on our neighborhood Halloween hay ride, and more.  Here are a few pictures from these fun events.

What else has been happening?  Things are still going well.  Not much time for the computer, or much else for that matter :) but, really, things are still better than we could have expected.  Jian is incredibly adaptable and really loves everything about being here (so far :)).  Last week he was able to see on skype one of his friends from the orphanage that was adopted last year, we loved seeing his excitement at connecting with his friend.

Last Wednesday he was able to meet Grandpa and Grandma Bergeron for the first time and was so excited waiting for them to come!  Here they are with Scooter.
On Friday, I brought Jian to school for the morning.  We went to give him the experience and to be familiar with what school will be like.  He surprised us with how well he did.  So, this week, we're trying out school every morning.  I went with him yesterday again and will meet him there half way through today.  It helps him for me to be able to be an in-between interpreter either with signing or using an application to translate words into Chinese for him to read, or, for him to write and translate into English.    We come home and work on English/reading in the afternoon.  So, we're trying that out for now and will see how that goes.  We're really thankful for the flexibility we have and if it doesn't work out, we have plenty of options!  We're so thankful that he is enjoying school so far.  In the mornings he's attending math, science and social studies in the middle school deaf education classroom.

This morning as we were waiting for the bus, I went to see what the boys were up to, here's what they were doing, drawing together - so cute!

We are all excited that Grandpa and Grandma Lenger are coming in from Michigan tomorrow to meet Jian, the boys have been counting down the days.  I'm looking forward to perhaps getting a little extra rest while they're here too :).  I'm surprised how tiring having 2 children and one teenager can be (go ahead and laugh  at this, I'm not quite sure what I expected :)).

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family.  We appreciate them and know they are making a difference in our lives!  I'm hoping in the next week or so to finally write down how we came to know about Jian and our journey prior to going to China!

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Tracy said...

I get goosebumps and tears when I read your posts! Sounds like an amazing transition into your beautiful family. I have been praying for Jian since February of this year, he has been on my heart often and I am so happy that he is with the family that was destined to be his since the day he was born. I look forward to watching your adventure and reading more about your amazing family.

I am also in the process of bringing home a son from China that his Deaf ( he is 10 and totally adorable!)