Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ten years ago….

Ten years ago, Friday, May 4, 2001 at 7:41am at a hospital in Smithville, Texas, a little boy was born.   Around this time, Jon was probably working on his dissertation and I was at the office for the doctor I worked for (or possibly stuck in Dallas traffic).  We knew nothing of this birth, or how it would forever change our lives 3 1/2 years later! 
Today, we celebrate Tanner's 10th birthday, and 3 days ago, we celebrated his adoption day that occurred 4 years ago.   We love May, and all the celebrations that it brings.  What a gift God has given us and what joy Tanner has brought to our lives. 
This last year has brought about many changes; Tanner has grown several inches and is getting so tall!  He still loves to play with his cars and airplanes, loves playing Challenger baseball and this year, enjoys trying to be like his new big brother!  This last year Tanner has become slower in his communication, and weaker than he used to be, but continues to have an attitude of cheerfulness and joy.
Tanner's choice for dinner tonight is Atami, a Japanese Hibachi restaurant (they cook in front of you on a grill - it's very entertaining), so we're all looking forward to that.  He was excited to get a new hamster this morning (since the other one disappeared, no really, it actually disappeared!) and to celebrate more tonight. 
On the health front, Tanner has had a migraine for more than a week now.  He's been tired and feeling out of sorts, and we're hoping that he'll get back to feeling better again sometime soon! 
We're praying for a good next year for Tanner.  A year that is filled with joy, love, learning, and growth and many more memories.
Happy 10th Birthday Tanner!!


Velma said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday!!!!!!! Crazy how God works everything out!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Tanner! Love this story!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday Tanner! praying for you!