Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Beautiful Goodbye

grandma dekorne

A little over two weeks ago, I flew to Michigan in anticipation of the death of my Grandma DeKorne.  I arrived at the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and Grandma opened her eyes and knew I was there.  This was a beautiful answer to prayer, as I was hoping to see her again before she passed away.  For the next day and a half her family sat around her bedside and reminisced, laughed, enjoyed being together, and waited.  On Friday morning, May 27, 2011, it looked like her time on earth was nearing an end.  We stood around her bed preparing to sing one of her favorite songs “Blessed Assurance” when she peacefully took her last breath and entered eternity with her Savior.  One moment I was touching my grandmother, and the next, I wasn’t, as she was now only the body of my grandmother.  What a beautiful experience, to be with her as she went from her earthly home, after 92 years, to her heavenly home.  She was home with my grandfather, her husband of 68 years, and with her Creator, Savior and Lord of her life. 

Though I will miss this beautiful woman, who loved deeply and shared her life with many, what a joy it is to know she’s worshiping in Heaven and that I will see her again one day. 

What an amazing example she has been to me.  She volunteered for many years in many capacities.  She helped pregnant women who called looking for alternatives to abortion.  She was a chaplain at area hospitals, praying for and serving others.  She led Bible studies, and loved and helped people from foreign countries that came to Grand Rapids.  Grandma (and grandpa) also faithfully prayed for me throughout my life.  She always asked about and prayed for both Jian and Tanner.  She loved hearing about our son from China – a country that my grandpa dearly loved since he grew up there. 

I have many wonderful memories of her.  Going to the circus, playing “office” at their house, her bran muffins with sliced cheddar cheese, and her smile.  She was a lovely person both inside and out and I’m so very thankful for her and her investment in my life.   And now, I’m so thankful knowing that she’s spending all of her time, fulfilling the chorus of one of her favorite songs:

“This is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior, all the day long.”


Medtary said...

Shelly, what a beautiful tribute. She sounds like a wonderful lady. Thank you for sharing about her.

Anonymous said...

I am in tears after reading this. Thank you for sharing your grandmother's legacy with us. What a blessed family, to have a wife, mother, grandmother that was a reflection of the goodness of God. I am so thankful that God gave you the gift of being with her while she left this world for heaven. Our thoughts and prayers continue as you adjust to being here, without her. We love you! Robin

Stephanie C said...

I'm so sorry, but rejoicing with you. I know you loved her so much. What an amazing blessing to be there with her when she left. Love you and hope to see you soon.

Kim said...

Thank you for sharing about your precious grandmother. I've heard heart warming stories about her from Janet through the years. What a tremendous blessing to be part of a Christ centered family.