Monday, April 23, 2012

A Summary of Spring

Well, I've been quite remiss at posting regularly, so, this will be another picture update!  There's been some exciting new changes going on around here, and hopefully we'll get to tell you about them one of these days when I find time to sit down and write!

Until then, here's what we've been up to since early March

Tanner is enjoying the end of the drought!

A fun time with Matt during spring break at the Houston aquarium

Jian's first ferris wheel ride in Houston

A fun trip to Houston to visit Great-grandpa Olson

We had a great week with Grandma Lenger visiting, including a trip to the A&M physics show

Jon had a great trip to Ukraine (part of our exciting new changes :))

Jian's 2nd time in competition to Pole Vault - he won 3rd place at this district meet by jumping 9 feet!

A proud brother!

Jian achieved his personal best for long jump

Tanner achieved his personal best too!

3rd place medal and all his track ribbons for the season

Hattie likes Tanner's Easter books too

Our family walked/ran a 5K to help raise money for Compassion International in Ghana.  Jian won 1st place in his age group and 19th overall (of 252 runners), in his first time running long distance.  This is the best picture from the race - and it was before we even started!

Jian started soccer season last week, he's loving learning a new sport.

Tanner laughing at the kisses from the pre-rodeo petting zoo!

Well, that catches us up for now.  We're all excited to be going to California next week.  Jon will be co-presenting at the Summit VIII, an annual conference about orphan care.  We'll try to post more about that later!


Rebecca Mezoff said...

It is great to see your photos Shelly! Looks like Jian is quite the athlete. Tanner looks good too. I hope he is feeling well. Can't wait to hear about your upcoming adventures!

Jenny said...

wow Jian is so talented! We'll have to go to some of his events, remind me to ask you, my kids love going to see local sports and we love to oblige :)

Anonymous said...

So many memories when I saw th epciture of Hattie. I still remember her doggles! So glad to see you are doing well and I love reading about all of your adventures Isn't it wonderful to see where the Lord leads us? Blessings to all of you!

Anonymous said...

I am not really anonymous... it just wouldn't accept my post in th other ways! This is Lisa Benner!