Monday, March 31, 2008

1st post

Well, this is the first post of doing something I said I'd never do! I've always said that I will never write a blog, never say never right?

The last couple of weeks have not been easy, of course, and we anticipate things being up and down for a long time to come. We have recently started to tell people about Tanner's diagnosis and prognosis; sometimes it's easier than others. That's one of the hardest things - telling people and knowing there's nothing we can say to make it easier. Jon description of it seemed appropriate, it just seems so violent, telling people about this leukodystrophy and that there is no cure.

I guess this is a good place to add some prayer requests. We really appreciate everyone's prayers. It means a lot and reminds us that things are not hopeless. We have an amazing God who can and will use this for His glory! So, that's one prayer request, that we continue to bring everything to Him, our tears, our worries & fears, and that through it all He is glorified! Another one is for sleep, some nights are better than others, but, I think some good sleep would help a lot!

So, there you have it, our first blog post. Thanks for reading and for caring.



carolen said...

This beautiful little child has blessed all of our lives so very much and we KNOW that God will continue to bless many others through him. We are holding all three of you up to our Heavenly Father, who knew of Tanner's disease long before He brought him to you. God knew how special that Tanner is and wanted him to be in your care for this difficult time. God knew that YOU TWO alone would give him the special care reserved for a special little boy. We love you all so much and hope that you will let us know ANYTIME that you need ANYTHING. Love, Mom & Dad

Diane said...

As I looked at the cross at Cowboy Church this past Sunday and hurt for our Savior, I also thought of Tanner and his precious family. God knew he needed a special family like yours. I cannot even imagine the other alternative. As we all pray and give love to him and to you we will trust OUR BIG GOD with the journey. Just know that he wanted Tanner to get all her could possibly experience on earth before he sits in HIS lap in heaven and can tell him what wonderful life he had and all the wonderful people who loved him. That is the ultimate blessing and glory! He is certainly chosen! Of course you, his family, are chosen also. Yes I feel honored and humbled to be a part of the plan. LOVE YOU ALL! Give hugs for me!

Kimann said...

Thank you for putting this site together! You are very special parents and Tanner is one-of-a-kind! I am constantly hearing Andrew ask me "when will I get to see Tanner? when will we be in the same class?" i think we are in for some great times! I have prayed for tanner since the day we met---i will certainly pray for strength, joy, and love in his life. For the two of you I just cant stop thinking of Isaiah 40:31 and Jeremiah 29:11-13 :)

Anna said...

Our tears, fears, and prayers are with you all. I praise God that he knows and will give you the faith to take this day by day, minute by minute and that Tanner has God-fearing parents to be with him always. I also praise Him for the many God-blessing and God-moments that are going to come, and how He will use this to draw people to Him.

Because He lives,
we can face tomorrow.

This hymn in its entirety is beginning to take on so much more meaning in my heart.

Love, Anna & Josh

Anonymous said...

I am so blessed seeing your family glorify God in this trial. I am amazed at the depth of your faith that allows you to give Tanner to God, knowing the outcome may not be the one that human nature wants. I find myself praising the Lord for the depth of your relationship with Him. He is glorified by your love and trust!


Cap, Tracy & Hannah said...

Just know that we are thinking of you.