Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Memorable Day!!

This post is all about great news and greater news!

First of all, Tanner's headaches are improving! They are still occurring on and off, but, they're not constant anymore! Praise the Lord! Please join us in praying that the medication will continue working.

Secondly, the best news. We had a nice day playing, shopping, Tanner helped Jon repair a leaking shower and went swimming with his friend Matt. In the evening, I found Tanner reading books in his closet (one of his favorite morning activities :)) and told him it was time for dinner. He signed "I love Jesus. I want to pray to Jesus to live with me." I called Jon into the room and we sat together while Tanner copied Jon and prayed to ask Jesus into his heart! After praying Tanner clapped and was really excited, he said he was making music (by clapping) and we told him he was making music with the angels who were rejoicing that Jesus is now living in Tanner's heart. He was also thrilled that he will be going to heaven with Jesus.

What a joyful, memorable day!


diane said...

What a wonderful, precious time! God is working His amazing plan with his chosen children: Jon, Shelly, and Tanner. I love you all!

Rachel said...

I am praising the Lord with y'all! That really is the best news!

Anonymous said...

That is the best news Shell! We rejoice with you. I was just getting caught up on Tanners journey, our hearts are with you friend!love you nicki mcgillivary

carolen said...

God is SO WONDERFUL!! The best news is of this precious child accepting Him as Lord and Savior, and looking forward to Heaven as a more wonderful and better place.

The second best is the news on the headaches. It just tears at our hearts watching him suffer -- this is wonderful!!

Much love, MOM and DAD

Mark & Gail said...

We share in your joy at this precious gift from our loving Heavenly Father.
CONGRATULATIONS TANNER! The angels are singing for with joy!!!

Constant prayer is going up for Tanner & for Mom & Dad too!

We love you,
Mark and Gail Hamilton

Rodriguez_Family said...

Praise God! Welcome to the family, Tanner. We love you! said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing how God is at work in your lives.