Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Weekend

Well, we had a busy weekend, but, it was nice to be home! On Saturday we had a visit with Tanner's biological family. We had a fun time bowling, miniature golfing (indoors, of course) and eating pizza. The kids had a good time playing together and it was nice to have something to do inside (since the temperatures have been consistently over 100).
Here is a picture of Alexis, Tanner and Keith while bowling.
Tanner had a hard weekend physically. His headaches have not yet subsided (probably due to decreasing one medication while increasing the other, neither are at full strength), and he has some new back and side pain he's been complaining about this weekend. We would appreciate your continued prayers for these things to subside, it's hard to see him hurting, and it causes him to be much more emotional and hard for him to handle things. We're a little concerned about what will happen if these things continue once school starts.

This afternoon Tanner and I will be heading to Isaiah's Place for a few days of VBS (Vacation Bible School) in ASL (American Sign Language). We will be staying in Whitney, TX with Jon's family where Tanner is looking forward to spending time with cousins. I will update more when we return. Hopefully we'll be able to have more consistent updates once school starts again :).

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velma said...

Alexis has gotten so BIG too! I'm glad they are still getting to see each other