Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Little Snow Angel

Can you believe we had snow in College Station today? It started with sleet and a few snowflakes this morning and then snowed quite a bit more this afternoon! Tanner was excited and signed - same as Michigan! He made a snow angel and a small snowman and then wanted to have a snowball fight, but, Mom is not as much fun as Dad. Jon is currently in San Diego for a conference and is missing out on all the fun, he would've thrown snowballs with Tanner. I just told him he could throw them at the car and I would take pictures (nice huh?). The two of us had a relaxing afternoon together; enjoying a fire, playing in the snow, finishing up some Christmas decorating and drinking hot chocolate. I also added a picture of Tanner, Hattie and Ody enjoying their advent story. Tanner is loving the daily advent stories and learning more about the true meaning of Christmas. What a joy it is to see him learning that Christmas is not all about Santa and gifts and what it's really all about. Though, it's also fun seeing him talk about Santa and the reindeer landing on the roof, coming down the chimney, leaving gifts & taking off again. If you ask him where Santa is right now, he's working at the mall :)

Tanner continues to have his daily, chronic headaches, but, hasn't had any migraines for over a week. We're happy about that, but, disappointed the daily headaches are continuing. A few days ago Tanner was really energetic, playful, and happy and we realized that he didn't have a headache that day! We thought that maybe the medicine was starting to work, but, the next day he was more lethargic and less perky. It was sad to realize how much this affects him. We haven't seen him feel that good in a while and so it's easy to forget what he was like before the headaches. It's hard to see him hurting and then realizing how much it affects his everyday life. You could continue praying for these headaches to subside so that Tanner can be more like a normal little boy again!

Tomorrow night (12/11) Tanner will be in the annual deaf Christmas play at school. He's excited to be the forest ranger and has been performing his part during practice professionally and taking it very seriously - it's so adorable. We're looking forward to a fun weekend of ice skating with Santa and attending a deaf Christmas play at a deaf church in Houston before Jon comes home on Monday. We're definitely having a fun-filled and busy holiday season! We hope that yours is enjoyable and restful as well.

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Alex said...

Shelley...just finished reading your christmas letter and had to check out your blog. I had no idea what was going on with Tanner! My parents tend to leave out pretty big things when I talk to them. I am so sorry and can't imagine how difficult this has been for you all. We will be praying for Tanner and for you both. What a precious little boy...I just want to hug him when I see all those pictures of him!!
Thanks for keeping us updated. Thanks for sending us a letter too! We didn't get them out this year...tight budget and some things had to get cut..:( bummer! Hope to see you all one day when we are in MI at the same time!