Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is here!

A couple of weeks ago we were all excited to be able to plant our vegetable garden. Tanner loves watching the plants sprouting up and can't wait to eat all the fruit and vegetables!
Last week was spring break here in Texas. Jon had to work all week, but Tanner and I were able to enjoy a few days camping with some of his family at Dinosaur Valley State Park. Tanner had a great time riding his bike, visiting Dinosaur World, playing with cousins, playing at the playground, sitting by the fire and being outside!

Tanner's migraines have started again. He's had several over the last few weeks. We went to the pediatric neurosurgeon on Monday hoping for some resolutions to the headaches, but, the possibility the geneticist had considered did not turn out to be the case. So, unfortunately, we're back to having no new options for treating the headaches and migraines (except maybe starting over with the old medications or increasing the current one).

Tanner also had bloodwork last week that may identify new genetic disorders - this will probably take several weeks to hear the results. He's had a lot of testing in the past, but, this is a new test he hasn't had, so, we're hoping it can find something new.

This week, I took some pictures of the irises blooming in our yard. These irises are always in our yard, with the leaves a constant green, though the flowers are only blooming about two weeks out of the year. During the time they bloom, when I'm outside or drive into the driveway, it really cheers me up! They're so glorious and beautiful, a lovely gift from our Creator. I sometimes find myself disappointed that they'll be finished blooming so soon, even before they're actually gone! I realized that I need to enjoy the flowers while they're here, yet also appreciate the leaves and greenery even when there are no blooms. The plant still looks pretty and adds color all year long, and if I didn't know about the flowers, I would probably appreciate the plants so much more. But, knowing the flowers are coming, I don't enjoy the plants as I wish I would. The green plants look nice, but, compared to the flowers, I usually don't think twice about them!

Similarly, I want to appreciate Tanner for whatever he has now. When we hear that he's lost ground cognitively and educationally, it sometimes feels like he's finished "blooming," but I forget to look at the "plant" and appreciate his joyful spirit and overall happiness. When we see him becoming weaker, or his headaches/migraines worsening, it sometimes feels like the flower is almost gone, and I worry that it might not come back next year. I become easily frustrated when he can't do things that he used to do, and I don't want to be constantly waiting for the flowers, I want to be accepting and appreciate the beauty that's already there! I also want to enjoy the blooms whenever that happens and for however long it lasts!
As we're approaching Easter, and thinking about death and resurrection, we're so thankful for a Savior who died and rose again for all of us!


Walsh Family said...

Wow Shelly, I love how you worded all of this with the comparison to the irises. You are right. I am glad you posted this.

Beth Firth said...

Beautiful analogy. I'm sure the Lord gave you spiritual eyes to "see" it. Tanner's got a big soul in that small body, and no matter what, I pray the Lord will also give us His vision to see and enjoy the everlasting.

Christa said...

I too am glad that you posted this. I try to remind myself to be grateful for the plant...but as the saying goes sometimes I can't see the tree for the forrest...I pray that Tanner gets to feeling good and that there can be a better resolution for his migranes. Give Tanner a hug from me. I miss him and you too!


Kelly said...

precious!!! wonderful thoughts!! You are a blessing from the Lord!! praying for you guys!!

Lauren Gaines said...

Wow...I can't believe Tanner has been with you five years! He's getting so big! I'm so glad to be able to keep up with your family through the blog.