Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Tanner!

Today is Tanner's 9th birthday! It's hard to believe he's already 9! The other day he asked about his 1 year old birthday party. I explained we weren't with him for his birthdays when he was 1, 2, and 3, he didn't seem to mind. I told him I would show pictures of his birthdays with us, and decided to put them all here. I have some other posts to catch up on, but, I'll have to do that later - we're heading to Atami (Tanner's choice - sushi and Hibachi grill) for his birthday dinner.

This morning I was feeling a little sad about missing his first three birthdays, but, realized if we hadn't missed them, we never would have had Tanner to begin with! What a blessing that God chose us to be his second set of parents, we are so truly thankful!
4 years old!

5 years old!

6 years old!

7 years old!
8 years old!

9 years old!

Happy Birthday Tanner! What a special gift you are!


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Tanner! My gift is on it's way . . . it's obviously going to be late. (Shel, yours is coming too!) Love to you all!

Velma said...

My goodness he has GROWN!!!! Happy Birthday Tanner!!! To many more!!

And yes, Thank God for allowing him to come into your life.

Rebecca Mezoff said...

Wow. I REALLY have to meet this kid. What an awesome set of photos. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tanner! You are such as special young man. You are truly a blessing to all you meet. You show God's love and his grace to everyone you meet. I have been blessed by being your friend and your OT. I love you! Shelly and Jon...you have raised a wonderful you man. You truly have something to be proud of! Even when Tanner is in terrible pain from headaches, he has a smile to give! That comes from God and from having such wonderful parents!