Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Delightful December

Well, my goal was to get these pictures on before Christmas, and it looks like I will succeed in doing that!  We’ve had a good and busy December.  Here are some fun pictures of Jian’s first December in America.

Jian has continued to do amazingly well.  Some days though, are rough.  He is not used to boundaries or rules, of course, 14 years in an orphanage, why would we think he would?  He wants to learn and wants to please.  He’s a true joy.  Some days, it’s really frustrating and feels like it’s all about reminders, corrections, apologies and re-teaching. Thankfully, he’s not purposefully mean or deceitful most of the time, it’s just lack of knowledge!  We’re also so happy with how honest he can be about what he’s feeling and why he’s upset.  What a true blessing that is, and helps to try to resolve some problems.  He still requires a lot of supervision as he’s learning what he can and can’t do, and how to behave appropriately. Most days, I’m so tired at the end of the day, but, it’s a good feeling going to bed knowing our two sons are right where they’re supposed to be.  Most days, it’s hard to remember that he hasn’t always been a part of our family.  The great thing about that is that,he always has, it was always in God’s plan, he just didn’t join our family until this year!

We are all looking forward to some time in Michigan this Christmas and are excited to experience Jian’s first Christmas in America.  It’s been a real joy showing him the real reason we celebrate Christmas and having evening Advent readings together and seeing him learn more and more every day, what an honor to be chosen to teach him these things. 

Still working on writing about Jian’s adoption…..someday it will be finished!  So, here are our December pictures!

Tanner's tree preference our tree 2010 Christmas tree

Tanner’s tree preference,        Here’s the tree we chose                Our 2010 Christmas tree 

jian  tanner

Both boys enjoyed participating in the annual Christmas program for the Brazos Valley Regional Day School for the Deaf

tanner and santa 057035

       Our annual skating with Santa!  Jian LOVED his first time ice skating, and was quite a natural!

We wish you a blessed and wonderful Christmas!


Familia Garrido Fernández said...



hello familia,

nuestro hijo es de nanjing china......

dice qué conoce a buestro hijo,

feliz navidad y feliz año familia gerrido fernandez

Anonymous said...

enjoying the updates!
love the tree that tanner was wanting to get :)
fun skating w/santa!!