Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thankful and Thanksgiving

I’m a little behind, but, still thankful!  Unfortunately I took no pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner!  We had a great traditional Thanksgiving with our friends, the Boysen family.  Jian thought the food was ok – the rest of us loved it.  We then left Thursday evening to go camping with Jon’s family and to celebrate one of Jon’s cousins marriage. 

Here are some pictures of Jian’s first camping trip.  We were thankful for electricity and heaters since it was around 30 degrees a couple of nights!





IMG_6079 Jian and his Great-Grandpa Olson

We’re so thankful to have a new son to teach about Thanksgiving.  We’re thankful he’s adjusting so well and a joy to have around.  We’re thankful that Jian is asking a lot of questions about His Savior and often tells Jesus thank you for his new parents that brought him to America!  We’re thankful for 2 sons who have a lot of fun no matter what they’re doing and that they love each other. 

We also cut down and set up our Christmas tree….I’ll try to get to that post before Christmas actually happens!

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Ruth said...

These pictures are incredible...and I really feel so blessed that I finally got to meet that new son of yours. So sorry that I missed seeing Tanner this time....but it won't be long til the wedding and we'll see all of you!!! God Willing! Love, Ruth