Monday, April 21, 2008


This picture of Tanner and his student teacher was on the Bryan ISD website when their class released Painted Lady butterflies that they had watched change from caterpillars.

As I added this picture it reminded me of what our life feels like right now. It kind of feels like we're in the cocoon at this time. It's a dark place, our future is unknown, yet we are held tightly and securely as we wait. Eventually, we will become a beautiful butterfly, and the end result of what our Father has created us to be. I think that for Jon and myself, it will be a very long process, but, for Tanner, he's becoming that butterfly much sooner. His beauty will shine much earlier than ours and hopefully through that, Tanner will teach others about his Creator. He will be complete in God's perfect timing, and it will be both beautiful and painful at the same time.

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts, offers of support, love and prayers. We are both overwhelmed and supported by them. We feel that your love and prayers help us to not feel hopeless. Despite the hopelessness of the diagnosis itself, we truly do not feel that way because of the reassurance that our life is in His complete control.

I just wanted to write a quick update and let you know that we will be going to see Tanner's neurologist in Temple tomorrow (Tues. April 22). It is actually a follow-up appointment for his headaches (that seem to be under control with the Topamax). We have asked the doctor to compare Tanner's MRI from 2 years ago to a recent MRI to see what kind of changes have taken place in his brain. This would hopefully help us to know how fast or slow the degeneration could take place. It could also not show anything at this time.

We would appreciate your prayers tomorrow. We are both nervous about what we may find out, or what we won't find out. We would also like to be able to remember all of our questions and to feel comfort and peace regardless of what we hear tomorrow, specifically if we don't hear anything new!

We will keep you posted with what we find out, it just may not be much of anything.

Thanks again for all your love,
Jon & Shelly


SeƱor David McGinness said...

Jon, Shel, and Tanner,

Our family has been thinking about you and praying that God would give you peace and strength for this trial. What a beautiful picture of Tanner with the butterfly. Lydia still remembers Tanner fondly and has been practicing a little ASL so that she can eventually talk with him. Shel, can't wait to see you on Thursday.

Dave, Dana, Lydia, Claudia, Naomi & Judah

Carol said...

The picture is precious - and NOT just b/c I'm his grandma :) We've been, and will continue to pray for your trip and app tomorrow.
Lots of love, Mom & Dad

Brenda said...

Just found your link attached to a prayer request on the Brookside Prayer Line. I wanted to let you know that we will be in prayer for all of you. I pray that God will grant your requests for the testing and appointments today but also give you courage and strength for the days ahead. This is a beautiful site--created by a wonderful mom!

Brenda H.

Dannette said...

This is very beautiful picture of him with the butterfly. It is very touching! I am continue praying for all of you especially Tanner.
Love ya,
Dannette and Tyler