Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tanner's New Treehouse

Well, first things first! Below are pictures of the treehouse that Jon and my Dad built during my parents visit from Michigan this past weekend! Yes, it has windows and shingles! This will be the new guest house for any future visitors :). Jon is still working on some finishing touches (door, paint, etc.) but, Tanner absolutely loves it.

We had a great visit with my parents and enjoyed beautiful weather, fishing, and a relaxing time together.

We also told them about Tanner's diagnosis. Thank you so much for your prayers, they have continued to give us great peace, and they were definitely felt on Friday when I told my parents about Tanner.

Before my parents left today, I started becoming concerned. I considered that now after the anticipation of their visit, the busy week last week, and then the conclusion of their visit, I would have too much time to worry. I've had a lot to stay busy with the last couple of weeks and despite plenty to do, there's more time to think and worry about the our future and what it may bring.

I was talking to a friend tonight and said that I do not want to know what Tanner's future brings, because it scares me, but, I'd still like to know what may come, because I don't like the unknown! My thoughts, dreams, and prayers for Tanner's future have begun to change. I've started thinking more about what he'll be like in the 3rd grade and how he'll socialize with the others instead of what his wife will be like. I'm praying that he'll still be able to see me signing to him and be able to communicate with me in 10 years instead of whether he'll be able to read my journal of letters to him when he goes away to college.

Thank you again for your many prayers. It truly allows us to feel a peace that passes all understanding. I cannot imagine not having our Creator to depend on during this time. It obviously does not take away the pain or fear, but His grace gets us through each day, sometimes each minute.

Many of you have asked what specifically you can be praying about right now. We will try to keep this site updated with those things. For now, here are a few things:

1) For Jon and myself to continue having close and open communication and to struggle through this together instead of separately.
2) For my fears to be dampened and God's peace and sovereignty to replace them.
3) For our family to continue reflecting Him and giving Him the glory through this time.

Thank you again for your love and prayers,


Anonymous said...

Shel and Jon -- I love knowing that you built this treehouse for Tanner even with all the news you've recently received. Life, whatever amount of it we are given, is precious and to be cherished. You are modeling that to us all. Praying big prayers for your family.

Dina said...

Shelly & Jon - Praise the Lord! It brings me much joy to share these special moments with ya'll via your blog. God has a plan and I trust it's a good one (smiling). May our Jesus bring you comfort, wisdom, strength, and refresh your hearts daily. We are His Servants.

Carol said...

Dear Shel and Jon,
As I read your new updates, I was reminded of the verse God gave me a few weeks ago when I was struggling - it fits for where we are right now also. "I, your God, have a firm grip on you and I'm not letting go. I'm telling you, 'Don't panic. I'm right here to help you.'" It comes from The Message, Is. 41:13
Know that dad & I are praying for your peace and strength continuously.
Love, Mom

Rebecca Mezoff said...

Dear Shelly and Jon--I'm not sure what to say upon hearing Tanner's diagnosis. I am working in the schools and have a child right now with leukodystrophy. This may or may not help, but he is the most wonderful kid--he loves his OT work where he makes crafts mostly. He is 16 years old and is the favorite kid in the high school. His social life is the best in the school. He isn't the brightest kid anymore, but he is loved by everyone. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you both. Life continues to be an amazing challenge. Love, Becky
And for Tanner--Your treehouse is AWESOME!!! I'm wondering if you want to come and help me build an addition on my house this summer? Looks like you're really great with those tools Tanner! What color are you going to pain the treehouse?
Love, your cousin