Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Week In Pictures

Tanner and Matt showing off their pumpkins!

Tanner's idea of a haircut (as a self-stylist)

Mom's idea of a haircut.

You can see how much Tanner enjoys getting his hands dirty! Here he's enjoying the pumpkin carving at school!

Do you like my pumpkin?

A contemplative doctor - waiting in line to go trick-or-treating at the George Bush Presidential Library

Our little astronaut at the space exhibit.

Enjoying an exciting high school football game!


patrick b. said...

Hey tell tanner that i miss him very much and i hope to see him very soon! Thank you guys so much for everything.

Patrick Bettiol #62 :)

Anonymous said...

Jon - long time no see. Marcus Murph here. I recently caught up with Sharee on facebook, and was asking about you. She sent this link, and I'm very sorry to hear about Tanner. However, I must say that your faith and attitude are awesome. I will be praying for him, and your family. Shoot me a note sometime at Would love to catch up. Marcus