Monday, September 27, 2010

Adoption Day

Here are some pictures from yesterday.  These are at the same office, the civil affairs office as the day before. 
Hopefully these download in the right order, if so, the first two pictures are of us signing the adoption papers and answering the questions of the notary.  We were asked our age, occupation, annual income, and if we promised to never abuse or abandon him.  Then we had to sign.  After that, Jian needed to answer questions and sign that he agreed he wanted to be adopted by us.  HA, could you imagine what would've happened if he changed his mind right then??  I didn't think of that until now! :)
The next picture is Jian with the orphanage director (in blue) and her boss.  Her boss (the lady in red) came to the adoption (my understanding is that this is not necessary or common) because she had a special friendship with Jian.  They gave us a gift of a small, framed tapestry that's an old type of weaving done here, we were very touched!   She also gave Jian 2 gifts: a necklace with a jade mouse (he was born in the year of the mouse), and a necklace with a stone and his name on it.  He was very excited about these.
Then a picture of the new proud parents! :) When we got into the van from leaving the civil affairs office, Jian clapped and jumped up and down and asked "I'm adopted, I'm adopted, I'm adopted????" It was so precious!
After the adoption, our guide brought us to a flea market to find some activities for the boys to do (Jian prefers the technology things, so, we needed to find some other activities as well).  We enjoyed walking around (where we were followed, stared at and had our pictures taken many times (because we're foreigners)), and finding some fun RC cars for the boys.  We also saw many different types of animals for sale (I think as pets, but, am not 100% sure), many rabbits, turtles, baby pigs, squirrels, chipmunks, puppies and more (all stuffed into very small cages :( ).  It was a very unique place to explore! 
We then went to a nice restaurant for lunch.  Our guide ordered for us and we all enjoyed celebrating the adoption!  We ate close to the tanks of eel, frogs, turtles, and fish, all available for order!
Afterwards, we did what the boys are most excited about....swimming!  I'm so thankful Jian loves swimming as much as Tanner!  It's a great way to get their energy out and something fun for them to do!
So, that was our day!!  As of yesterday morning, it is official, Qin, Jian Feng is now, Jian Feng Lee Bergeron! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what a wonderful day you have all had! I am so excited to meet Jian. And yes, it seems as if you have been gone for more than 5 days! The pictures are great!You will be happy to know that fall has arrived in CS! Today it is just beautiful!