Friday, September 24, 2010

Today is THE day!

Good morning!  It's 4:30am here. Jon and I have both been up for awhile.  Nervous, excited, curious, etc.  We're going to spend some time together in prayer and would love for you to join us.  For us to have peace and to be able to communicate clearly to Jian!  We've been practicing what we'll sign to him, and pray he'll understand!  We also loved how God provided us the opportunity to see and speak to several of our family members and friends on skype today!  We were moved to tears this morning as we were encouraged and reminded again of God's design in all of this as we read our friend Charity's blog.  What a perfect way to start our morning. 


Anonymous said...

i have been pr ing with you guys, and will continue to all evening here... looks like 3 hrs and 24 min left!!!

jackson and us have been pr ing for Tanner's head/migraines to stay at bay every night at dinner or bed. will be doing that in a while w/him!

jackson is SOOOO excited and wants to meet tanner's new brother TODAY :) I told him he would have to wait a liiittle bit longer ;)


Debbie B said...

I read Charity's post and was moved to tears knowing very well all the mountains that must have been moved to have you in China right now.

Praying that everything goes well meeting your new son today.

Velma said...

so excited for you all!!
Can't wait to hear how it all comes together! God is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great testimony to the power of our Father in Heaven! Can't wait to hear more and meet Tanner's new brother!!


Ruth said...

So love your family of four!!!