Thursday, September 30, 2010

The zoo, some stories and observations

So, there are plenty of stories we could regale you with, but, you might be bored to tears, so, we'll just put down a few for us to remember later!

Yesterday, when we were leaving walmart, we were waiting for a taxi.  It was in front of a hotel and a lot of shops, so there was a wide sidewalk and a lot of people milling about.  There happened to be a beggar walking around this area looking for money.  We ignored him and walked on by at the advice of our guide.  As we passed him, Jian noticed a sign around his neck written on a piece of cardboard that stated "deaf."  He also told us to walk on by.  Tanner saw the man and took out the coins that Jon had given him and handed it to the man.  He turned around and told us, "the man is poor!  We need to help him."  Jian said "no, no money" and Tanner emphatically explained again, the man was poor and we need to give him money to help him.  What a tender heart and sweet spirit!  I love seeing things like that.  Also, yesterday afternoon, as we left the restaurant, Jian's friend that is also being adopted was a bit sad.  Tanner went up to him and put his arm around him - he didn't need to say anything, just trying to help him feel better.  What a teacher he is to us, reminding us of how we are to live!

Today, we went to the zoo!  It definitely was not like our zoos back home, but, the boys had a good time.  While enjoying the monkeys, a little boy started talking to our guide.  He was about 3 or 4 years old and liked seeing the foreigners.  He asked if Tanner was my son and I pointed to both of the boys, indicating they were both my sons.  Our guide tried to explain that Jian was adopted, but wasn't sure of the word.  I asked him if he knew how to write adopted and he did, we showed the family of the young boy and they nodded.  Then, the father asked if I wanted their son as well! 

The pictures attached are from the zoo.  I'm not sure if you'll be able to read the signs on the first picture, the green sign states "ferocious animals" underneath that is "lions and tigers."  We never figured out what exactly the ferocious animals were!  The next is of Jian showing Tanner the Chinese sign for tiger.  Then, Tanner is feeding the poor pig that had a broken, right front leg, he said feeding it would help it heal.  And, can you figure out what the animal is that Jian's trying to feed?  A squirrel!!!  

Then, of course, we enjoyed an afternoon at the pool and did a little homework again.  Tanner enjoyed signing sight words and being the teacher.

So, I think we're getting used to things here.  We're getting used to the smells, the sounds, the language (not that we can speak or understand it, but, just used to hearing it all the time).  I'm even getting more used to the traffic.  I'm not completely tense and stopping the blood flow in Jon's hand every time we're in a taxi!  I'm not sure we're still used to having a large picture window between the bathroom and the bedroom in the hotel, (thankfully there are blinds, but still!!!), nor am I used to the non-western style restrooms.

Tonight, as we were walking through the mall after dinner, I realized how many stores have inappropriate clothing on their mannequins and out for display!  Come on!!  I have a teenage son now!  I'm sure I'll probably notice this more back home too, but, it just seems really blatant right now!  Can I buy some blinders? :)

Tanner did better this afternoon - he had a hard time this morning and fell asleep on the way to the zoo, but, still enjoyed it nonetheless.  He went to bed at 7pm, so, hopefully he'll get a good night of sleep and feel better in the morning.  

Well, this feels like a really random post, hopefully it's readable!  I'm tired and heading to bed early tonight - good night from China and good morning in America!

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Chris said...

What a great story of how your family is coming together. It is a blessing that you are able to do that while still in China where it is more comfortable for Jian. He is learning to trust you so that when you come home to where everything is strange and new for him, he will look to you for comfort. Great spiritual lesson. Thanks Bergeron family!