Friday, October 1, 2010

A day of swimming

So, there's not much to post today.  It was a restful day around Nanjing.  The boys slept in late (until almost 8am), and then we went to breakfast.  I laughed while watching them there.  Our breakfast is a large buffet with a lot of Chinese and American foods.  There's a grill where you can order eggs to be made.  Tanner and Jian both were wanting to get eggs.  They were discussing amongst themselves in a mix of ASL and Chinese sign language what they wanted, I just sat back and watched, while they argued about how many eggs each wanted, Jian said 1 Tanner adamantly stated 2.  The 2 chefs only spoke Chinese and stood patiently waiting.  Then, somehow they all figured out what was to be ordered and the boys came back happy with what was on their plates.

Then, we spent several hours at the pool, went to lunch at Papa Johns, then, back into the pool.  We then enjoyed dinner with other Americans and are back watching some fireworks in our room.  The fireworks are for National Day, and the boys are enjoying watching them.  

Tomorrow morning Jian is really excited to go see his Chinese mom and dad, and then tomorrow evening, to go skateboarding and have dinner with American friends. 

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Anonymous said...

that is awesome. i just read this to matt too, and he and i both agree it must be great for the boys to have each other. someone who understands the other, even if it takes a little time right now to communicate w/each other! i'm glad they are figuring it out quickly though, even arguing about how many eggs is 'just right' :)


glad they enjoy swimming as much as the other, as well!