Saturday, October 16, 2010

AHHHHHHH........ Home

So, this is going to be another quick post :)  More to come later when I'm a little more rested and my brain works better.

We arrived home last night.  It feels sooooo good to be home.  We had fun watching Jian explore the house and videotaped him seeing his new room - to say he loved it would be an understatement!  He screamed :)  It was great!

This morning he had fun exploring the backyard and was thrilled to learn we can see deer in the back yard.  When we left the house he was shocked to see a squirrel cross the road (they're mostly seen in cages at the zoo in China!) and wanted to catch it.

We all slept until 10:30 (it felt amazing) and then stayed up all day.  We  ate breakfast, did some laundry, unpacked and went shopping for a few necessities for Jian, and replaced Tanner's glasses.  We spent some nice time with friends (and saw baby Adalee Walsh for the first time :)) and now are home and ready for bed again (actually, I've been ready for a while, but, we're trying to get back on Central time).

So, more to come of our adjustment back home - along with some final China pictures.  But for now, good night from America!

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Tracy said...

So happy for you all! What an amazing journey you have had. Thank you for sharing your journey and I am praying for continued blessings for you family!