Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday and Monday

I couldn't come up with a title better than that, so, Sunday and Monday it is. We don't have a lot to report from here, just a couple of nice quiet days enjoying our family and time together in Nanjing.

Yesterday, we did some homework, then enjoyed walking around Confucious Temple (we tried to find the silk lantern factory to visit, but, couldn't find it and couldn't find anyone who spoke enough English to help us.)  It was a busy day there since it was a weekend and the holiday.   We made a few purchases, and then the boys were a little bored and tired.  I was getting a little tired of the crowds and the smells, so we went back to the room for lunch and a swim.  It was a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon/evening.  We enjoyed a dinner at one of the restaurants in the mall attached to our hotel.  We appreciate having Jian as our own interpreter :)  He likes it as well.  We wanted to order sprite with our meal, but, it wasn't on the menu, Jian wrote it down in Chinese and sure enough, we were delivered 4 sprites! We've done this a few times at different restaurants, it works well for us and helps Jian feel important.

Today was another quiet day. We worked on homework again with both boys.  Jian seems to be doing quite well with math, and with ASL. We were working on some sight words today and he said "I prefer Chinese!"  though he did well in continuing to practice and learn.  We again did some swimming, and then enjoyed a tex-mex dinner with our american friends!  When we left, we were quickly reminded that we were still in China!  It was nice to have an evening and feel back at home.

Tomorrow we're going to have a picnic lunch with some friends and some of their friends, we're looking forward to that and the boys are excited to be going on a picnic!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What an adventure! Thank you for taking the time to write all this down. I feel like I am there with you. Missed you yesterday.

Diane said...

Such a wonderful help with him interpreting! Wow!! Such smart sons you have! Such helps they both are also! I love watching and reading the adventures and the details. Can't wait to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

so glad Jian and Tanner get to swim together. That is so good and nice for you too. Matt would like to be there swimming too! pool is now too cool here. will have to heat when you all get home!

Marisa Bennett said...

Ooh, now you've got me envisioning Reading Milestones sight word cards with Chinese translations written on them.

Here are some free printable flashcards with color pictures, English, Chinese, and pinyin transliterations of the Mandarin reading of the characters. (I LOVE the internet!!) I wonder if we could add line drawings in ASL and CSL?