Friday, October 22, 2010

Settling In

Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch.  I really love fall and being able to decorate.  I'm happy we still have some time for the fall decorations, especially when the weather is so nice and cool!  Jian was really excited and said he's never carved a pumpkin before.  He loved picking out his own pumpkin and looking at everything there.  He kept asking if they were real. :) 

Things are going well here.  We're working on settling into a routine.  Tanner is now back at school full time and adjusting better than I expected.  I thought he would be upset to leave his brother, but, he's happy to be going to school, and we're so thankful.  This morning Tanner seemed a little down and while we were in his room, I told him his brother was awake, a big grin came across his face and he turned around and gave Jian a big high-five. 

Jian was pretty nervous about starting to learn english, but, now that he's started, he's doing really well and gets excited to learn something new!  This should help things a lot, he definitely has motivation.  We're working on finding things for him to do.  Right now, he's like a giant toddler.  We are following him around everywhere and helping him learn what things are as well as what things he can and cannot touch (it becomes a bit tiring :)).  Yesterday we went to a craft store and found him a couple of things to do for a few days.  We're doing school and then some activities (plus, giving mom a little break).  As we left the store, he was able to experience what happens with a fender bender :).  Two of us were backing out at the same time and rubbed bumpers.  Jian was extremely nervous and couldn't believe we didn't get out and scream at each other.  Once we were in the car he kept signing - that girl was so nice, she was so nice!  I'm thankful it was nothing big and was a good opportunity for him.

Jian loves his dad.  He can't wait to see him when Jon arrives home and is often looking at his watch to see how much longer until dad is finished with work.  He likes to play with him, chat with him, and just be close to him.  Clearly he's not had much male influence in his life and he has a fabulous dad to learn from. 

He and Tanner enjoy riding their bikes in the backyard every afternoon.  Yesterday, while they were outside, I enjoyed watching them have a conversation about their bikes.  What a blessing it is to see the two of them communicating so well and to be doing something fun together.   Jian is incredibly excited to go to a high school football game tonight, there's a possibility of rain, so we'll see what happens (though we can definitely use the rain here). 

I'm having some trouble getting video onto here, so, I'm working on converting the file right now, I hope it works, so that you can see Jian coming home.  I also am excited to post about how we found out about Jian in the first place and meeting (online) some new people  that had a part in us learning about him.  We love seeing God's handiwork throughout this story.  We also would love to post more about our time and people we met while in China.  I'm checking on the logistics of some of that and will keep you updated.


Margaret said...

I love hearing all the updates and I'm glad things are getting back to a routine.

Let me know if you have an adoption party or something, I'd love a chance to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

just got back on here, loved this update! fun to hear more about daily life, and what it's been like... fender bender included!