Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The City Wall and Nanjing Museum

Today we enjoyed a long walk on some more of the city wall and enjoyed a view of the mountain and a beautiful lake and park.  It was too much for Tanner, and we were again thankful for the backpack we purchased prior to the trip.  Tanner is not feeling 100%, but, much better than he was yesterday. We were concerned about whether the azithromycin antibiotic we had would even work for an ear infection since that wasn't really what the doctor was thinking when he prescribed it. But we saw God's care for us again when I (Shelly) got on the internet and found an article date September 22, 2010 that found a single dose of azithromycin was more effective for treating ear infections than a ten day treatment with the more commonly used amoxicillin.  God is good.

 We're also so amazed that despite how weak he is (in general, not from the ear infection), that he is such a trooper.  He keeps on going without complaining.  We go up and down a lot of steps to get to subways and buses, lots of walking to find places as well as the touring that we do.  What an amazing kid he is.  

We ate a fabulous Indian lunch before checking out the Nanjing Museum.  Just outside of the museum there was a lot of activity due to the holidays.  There was a man making cotton candy on the back of his bike (pedaling his bike made the motor work to make the cotton candy!!)  The kids loved it, it tasted a little odd to us though.  Several people asked to have their pictures taken with Jon and or Tanner here :).  We were also heart broken as we saw several men with different physical disabilities that did not appear to have any other options than begging on the streets.  Tanner always wants to help by giving money or food and as well as touching them and looking in their faces with compassion far beyond his years. 

The museum itself was all about the city and showed a short movie and other information about Jian's home!  We really enjoyed this and the kids had fun there as well.  Jian enjoyed pointing out where the orphanage was, the deaf school and other places he knew.  After looking at a map today we were shocked with how far he had to ride his bike every day to go to school. 

I can't believe that our time here in Nanjing is almost finished.  I never thought I would say this, but, I will be truly sad to leave!  What a truly memorable and special time we have had here.  We will be a little sad to leave, but, Jian is ready to go!  Tonight he looked at the calendar and wrote at the top (in Chinese), "I can't wait to go to America!"  I hope he still feels that way once we're home.


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures, Shelly. The one of Tanner and Jian walking is so cool. And Tanner is saying 'hey, this is my brother'!Matt is here having a Subway sandwich. Hi to you all.

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