Sunday, October 3, 2010

1 week ago....

One week ago, we became parents again!  Not in the typical way, with the doctor announcing "he's here!" while in a hospital room, but, still just as exciting and memorable!  We became parents in a small office in Nanjing, China by signing some papers and giving our name to a 14 year old son. That was a quiet Sunday morning with many people going about their business, but, for us, it was a life-changing day.  

One of the certificates we received this week that was translated into English, reads like this:
"In accordance with the record of the files concerned of the abandoned infants of Nanjing Social Children's Welfare Institute, this is to certify that Qin Jianfeng (male), born on September 29, 1996, was found abandoned in the waiting room of Nanjing Railway Station, Jiangsu Province on January 19, 1997 and on the same day was taken to Nanjing Social Children's Welfare Institute by Nanjing Police Station of Nanjing Railway Public Security Department to be in the custody and care of the Institute, and was named as Qin Jianfeng.  Up to now his natural parents and other relatives have not been found.  Qin Jianfeng is definitely an abandoned baby."

A friend reminded me this week, of how amazing this is - it's not just an improvement of something, it's a complete life change - Jian has a new name and a new heritage, a completely new life!  He's no longer an abandoned baby, he's our son, he is now a member of our family.  And what a beautiful picture to remind us that we are adopted as members of the family of God, and that the extent of the transformation of our life is the same.


Anonymous said...

praise God!

Anonymous said...

It is really touching.
I am looking forward to see Jian.