Saturday, October 9, 2010

Medical exam.....done (mostly)

So, our first day in Guangzhou was a successful one.  We had a nice breakfast while enjoying the Pearl River.  During breakfast Jian continued staring at a little girl who was adopted.  He couldn't pull himself away.  He asked a lot of questions about it and why she was in the orphanage.

We then met our guide and walked to get Jian's Visa pictures taken.  The lady kept talking to him in Chinese and I think telling him not to smile.   I finally asked our guide to remind the lady that he was deaf.  He continued giggling and had a hard time not smiling - it was pretty cute.

Then we walked to the medical exam office.  This is for adoptees from all over the country, as well as a medical office for anyone.  We met several other adoptive families there, it was fun seeing a lot of different age children that were being adopted.  It felt really crazy there - we were shuffled from one section to the next, one doctor listened to his heart and lungs and checked him all over, then, someone else checked his eyes (at this point the doctor came over and explained he was disappointed in Jian's posture :)), then we moved to the ENT area before blood pressure.  Then, we waited for a while before he had to get 5 shots plus the oral polio.  We had warned him ahead of time, and he did great taking the shots.  We had to wait about 30 minutes to make sure there was no reaction before we could leave.  We have to go back in 2 days to have his TB test checked.  

After that ordeal, we had a delicious Thai lunch with another American family.  We came back for a little swimming, resting and TV watching since it was a rainy day outside.  Jon and Jian went to the gym for a while and right now they're enjoying a rousing game of Memory (who would've thought he'd have so much fun playing Memory on the Ipad  :)).  This includes squeals and much laughter whether winning, losing or tying.

Tomorrow we're all excited to go to a wildlife safari!  We've heard you can pet baby tigers and hopefully will see panda bears.  It should be a fun day.

Also, one week from today we will be home in our beds! 


Margaret said...

The boys' shirts almost look like they match. Am I rubbing off on you ; )

We are off for a five day cruise tomorrow (without kids) - yay!!

And Caroline turned 4 today. It goes so fast. I think Tanner was this old when we met him.

Velma said...

I was showing my friend Cassie these pictures because she also adopted a little girl from China and she said she has pictures at the same places! I sent her the link to your blog so she might be commenting!
So excited for you all!!!