Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not everything can go swimmingly....

Well, it's true.  We couldn't expect everything to go so smoothly.  I called to confirm our flights today and found out we had a flight from Beijing to Houston, but, the flight they had us on from Guangzhou to Beijing had canceled our tickets.  Hmmmm, well, ok.  Lets go over this again, with all the names and information, I explained the whole deal from before.  After about 3 total hours on the phone, we are now flying out of Hong Kong on Friday.  So, we'll need to check out of our hotel here Thursday after picking up Jian's visa, take a train to Hong Kong, stay overnight there and then fly out from there to New Jersey and then on to Houston.  The good news is that our total travel time will be about 5 hours less than we originally had been scheduled for and will only have 2 flights instead of 3 flights.  We also get to Houston about 3 hours earlier than originally planned.  So,hopefully this will all go smoothly!

This morning we went to the US Consulate to get Jian's fingerprinting completed.  I was excited to see the US flag and thought it would feel a little more like home, but, nope, it didn't!  Then we went to a park and walked around there, took a little (and I do mean little) boat ride on the lake/pond.  We came back to go swimming before going to dinner and enjoying a night cruise down the Pearl River.  It was a nice evening with a beautiful breeze and we enjoyed the company of some other adoptive families as well. 

Tomorrow we're going to check out some local markets and then we go to the Consulate again in the afternoon to take an oath.  There will be many other US families there at the same time, so, that will be fun!  OK - goodnight from Guangzhou!

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