Monday, September 27, 2010

Sight-seeing in Nanjing

I'm trying to stay caught up, so, sorry there are several posts all at once!  Hopefully it's not too boring. 
Today is Monday, September 27th.  I think we're mostly used to the time change here and catching up on sleep.  We went to our buffet breakfast this morning, Jian loves it!  So much to choose from, and lots of food that he enjoys such as noodles with bacon on top.  Fortunately, there's a lot of food Americans can enjoy as well.  He's picking up ASL very quickly, he'll show us something in Chinese sign language, we'll show him in ASL, then he'll use both.  All morning, Tanner would use the Chinese signs for everything and then say what it is in ASL and use the Chinese signs again. 
I finally took a picture of the view from our room, we are on the 11th floor. After breakfast, the boys were waiting for us to finish getting ready and looking outside together - I love this picture!
We then went with our guide to Purple Mountain (I think that's the name!) and to see the mausolem of Dr. Sun Yet Sen.  Jian loved racing our guide, Michael, up the stairs (392).  Once again, we had many stares and pictures taken of us, partly because of the unique backpack Jon was carrying.  We bought a carrier before we left so that Jon could carry Tanner.  We were so thankful for it today, because he never would have made it up the steps!
It was fun to enjoy going to just do something fun and be finished for now, with official things (we have more to do in a couple of weeks). 
I think things are going really well.  We're getting used to the different smells, the different food (there are always bones in the chicken!!!), I'm not sure we'll ever get used to the traffic, but, I'm a little less anxious, and getting used to how to get around.  We're all adjusting to each other, the boys each are enjoying being brothers, and it's becoming comfortable to be a family of 4.  I will admit, this morning I looked at the calendar and responded "we've only been here 5 days????"  It feels like a lot longer!  It's not necessarily in a negative way - though, I'm already tired of eating out all the time, and, the neat freak that I am, I don't love how there's not a place for everything (though I'm trying to find one).  This trip has been a good and stretching one for me in many ways.   
Well, the boys are off swimming again, so, I need to sign off and go spend some time with them.  We're so thankful for this special time together!  Thank you again for your prayers for us, they're so appreciated and they're definitely being answered.  We love receiving the e-mails, comments and calls on Skype!  Jian especially loves seeing new people on Skype - he joins in and signs "I love you, OK, OK, OK" 
More later! 


Rebecca Mezoff said...

Fantastic!!! Love the photos. How long are you staying in China?

Anonymous said...

What an adventure!! We are loving following your posts. Blessings!! Love, Kathy and John

Janet said...

It is amazing to be able to follow what is happening with you in China while we are away from home, at Glen Lake. We love seeing the pictures and reading the updates! We are overwhelmed by the way God has gone ahead of you to prepare for Jian to become part of your family so quickly, as well as the way he is answering prayers while you are there.
Tom and Janet

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jian!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love from the Shaubs

Mark and Gail Hamilton said...

Dear T-Jon, Shelly, Tanner AND JIAN, We are SO happy for you. All things in His time and in His way. "How excellent are Your ways, Oh Lord!"
Welcome to the family Jian. I know you will love Texas and you will love your new family. They are great!
I am enjoying your posts & pictures.
Love to you all,
Mark & Gail Hamilton