Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet Jian

Well, it is finally official!  Meet our new son, Jian Lee Bergeron.  This is a picture that was taken a few weeks ago when he learned that we were trying to adopt him.  September 22, which is exactly four months after our home study, we will be departing for China!! 

We will be flying to Shanghai, will spend a couple of days there, then take a train to Nanjing.  The adoption will take place there.  We will then fly to Guangzhou to complete the paperwork to bring him back to the United States.  We hope to be back by mid-October.

Tanner is thrilled, both to be flying on a big plane, taking a fast train, and getting a brother!  He prays daily for Jian and thanks God for making his brother.  We are thankful to have many people in our lives helping us to prepare both for the trip and for having an older son!  I guess we'll need to change the name of this blog at some point too. :)

Tanner has been doing pretty well lately.  We have some prescriptions to take along with us in case he has a migraine in China, to help us avoid having to go to a hospital there. 

We want to write out all the amazing details that God orchestrated for this to happen, because you can't help but be amazed! But, for now, we wanted you to know that it's official, and we need to get back to preparing for our trip!

We would love your prayers for safety and protection on the trip, good health for us all, especially Tanner to not have any migraines, and for our bonding as we become a family.  We hope to be able to update this blog as we travel if you'd like to follow along!


Lisa said...

Congratulation to your whole family, best wishes on your trip and God bless!!! Lisa

Jenny said...


I am praying and praying! I am so excited that God worked out all the details to give you another son! I am so excited for y' I love adoption, it is such a beautiful thing!

Keep us updated on how we can be praying more.

Velma said...

God is great! SO excited for all of you! Can't wait to meet him and hear all about life with 2 sons!!!

Eleanor said...

Hi guys! It's Ellie. I am so excited for you all! Congratulations on your family! I love and miss you all and am praying for you.

Laura m. said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful trip. Would love to know how Jian's name is pronounced-- does it rhyme with "rain"?