Monday, September 27, 2010

This and That

Good morning from Nanjing, China!
I wanted to put up a quick post before we left for the day.
People have asked different questions, so, I thought I'd just answer them here (the ones I can remember).
1) Jian's name:
We were going to change it to Jian Lee Bergeron, but, found out that Jian Feng is actually his first name, so, on paper it will be Jian Feng Lee Bergeron.  When we talk about him though, we're just saying Jian.  We will let him decide later what he would like to use for his name - Jian, Jian Feng or Lee.  Lee is my dad's middle name, so that's where that came from :).
You pronounce his name Geeun Fung
2) If the adoption is finished, why are we still here?
The Chinese side of the adoption is complete, but, we must go to Guangzhou and have an appointment with the US Consulate there.  This will allow us to get his Visa to come back into the United States.  Right now, even though we've adopted him, Jian is still considered a Chinese citizen - his passport will reflect as much.  So, we need to get him a visa (after a medical exam, TB test and an interview with the consulate) to return home.  Once he sets foot on US soil (which will be in New Jersey when we switch planes), he will automatically become a US citizen.
3) Why are we here so long?
We were originally hoping to go home on October 9th, but, will be here until October 15th.  The reason is that there's a holiday beginning on October 1st - National Day (like Independence Day), but, they celebrate it for an entire week.  So, everything is closed October 1-7.  We could not get an appointment with the US Consulate (they only accept appointments on certain days and only after a family has their official travel notice to adopt their child) until October 12th.  So, we'll have the appointment on the 12th and will not get his Visa until October 14th.  Then, we'll be allowed to travel back to the United State.
4) What are we doing today?
We are getting ready to go visit the orphanage and the deaf school.  It's possible we will not be allowed in the deaf school due to remodeling, but, we'll at least be able to get some pictures!  So, we'll post more later about the day! 
Good night in America!


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting so much! i have been checking (more than) daily! and jackson has been pr ing for tanner and jian every night---he even reminded me to tonight! in addition for asking that Tanner would not have any headaches, he said we needed to ask that Jian also would not have any headaches ;). So...they are both covered now. Ha!

loving the pictures...they say it all. you all are just beaming!

beaming here from this side...and we all can't wait to meet Jian. (jackson keeps asking if he can come over with tanner TOMORROW!)

see you soon, Shay

Anonymous said...

Have a fun day! It will be good to see pics of where Jian went to school and lived. My Skype is carey.Boysen. When do we Skype?

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to read all about everything there and the pictures are priceless. We can't wait to meet Jian. We missed you yesterday. Lifting you all to our Father with thanksgiving and joy. Linda